In-Space Business within the Earth-Moon System

This report focuses on commercial opportunities arising from the creation and growth of a robust, sustainable economy within the cislunar domain. Cislunar refers here to the volume that ranges from low Earth orbit (LEO) to geostationary (GEO) and beyond to lunar orbits and the Moon’s surface. The Lagrange stability points, such as the Earth-Moon L2 where communications relays to the far side of the Moon can be placed, are within the cislunar boundary as well.

The emergence of the cislunar realm marks an important transition in space development. Since the launch of Sputnik, space activities have mostly involved satellites in Earth orbit providing services directly to users on Earth. (Deep space science missions are the infrequent exceptions.) The satellites are fully self-contained units with no interactions with other spacecraft. They operate until they expend their propellants, or they are stricken with major hardware failures.

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